Yankees and Beach Bums— (Sorry David!) If you call me and say you found a car on eBay or from a dealer for a GREAT deal and they are shipping from… Pennsylvania (Sorry B.T.)– red flags go up! The north uses a lot more salt on their roads and can cause premature rusting. Even coastal states can be an issue because of the salty sea air. So, maybe it doesn’t look like a lot of rust, well here is something to think about– every nut and bolt on that vehicle could be rusted and seized on tight! Sometimes they break during removal and then sometimes they are such a pain in the tush that you will end up paying us hours in labor to remove one bolt. Sounds ridiculous for removing just one bolt, but I am describing a true customer experience. (B.T. learned this car buying lesson the hard way.) Imagine coming in for a $165 brake service and it turns into $500-600 because you need EVERYTHING replaced. These cars may sound like a dream deal, but it could end up being a pocketbook nightmare!