Oh boy, do I have a rant for these companies! The big question here is, “is it worth it?” I would say, sometimes, but not usually. There are a lot of these companies around for a reason– they make $$$ MONEY $$$! With an extended warranty, you purchase a $3,000 contract for piece of mind, on the notion that something COULD happen, but have no guarantee that they will actually pay for the repair. Here is the kicker about these companies– they want to tell us to put on cheap aftermarket parts and cut down our labor in order to pay out less. We don’t like aftermarket, neither does your car and neither will you, especially when that part fails and your contract has since expired and then you are having to pay for that service again out of pocket. Our labor rate is not negotiable. Our mechanics are very good and our reputation relies on quality service that will not be cheapened by a warranty company that has a claims clerk telling us to cut corners. We are going to do the job right and will put up a fight to use recommended OE parts. But, at the end of that phone call with the claims department, we cannot guarantee that they will either cover the repair or allow us to use our recommended part. In order to get it done right, you may have to pay more. Each company is different, some play well and others do not! We’ve been surprised when they actually cover a repair and then surprised again when they deny a claim for a ridiculously petty reason. It’s an expensive gamble as to whether it’s worth it or not. Your money is better spent on a comprehensive vehicle inspection. We can tell you whether there is a potential of a contract’s worth of repairs your vehicle will need. Our technicians have extensive knowledge and experience with Lexus and Toyota, so depending on vehicle type, year and mileage with an inspection, they can advise you as to what your vehicle needs now and may likely need in the near future. With that information you can budget your own money for repairs instead of handing it to a warranty company.